eM Institut May, 2020, bomeoffice, THE Dahlem of Hannover

topoids: THE generalisation of topology with [or without enough] points and topology without points [so called frames and/or locales]. Topology as practiced by nature. Gravity from THE topological point of view.

Centennial theory from maths applied for topology of everything is the main topic of this talk/paper. For good reasons it is dedicated to Felix Hausdorff, Horst Herrlich, and, really, to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. He saws some of this background, at least 'it seams to be like that', but he never wrote it, even not in one of all his famous, scientific networking letters.

The infinitesimal behavior is like a real existing topological connectedness, a real "non-separatedness". In some sense, to some extent, this does mean, that the global view as such is of lesser grade, less important. The loacal wins against the global! That means, in global, it is a "connected topology", whereas in realitiy this is true for local focus, only!

Local vs global, relativ vs absolute! Every smallest noose contributes to the overall cohesion of the network! "Moin2", could be fishing wisdom! Hopefully no seaman's yarn ... What does this mean for gravitational theory, i.e. theory of gravity? Are these the "gravity-particles"??? Ask the Lesch ... ;o))

We introduce "Gravitoide", gravitopoids!

Christian von der Beeke
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