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ad topology of snow
picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM

Was uns bei Schneetopologieerforschung auch auffiel: ohne Haken und Ösen gibt es keinen Zusammenhalt;
das gilt garantiert auch bei uns Menschen exakt so im wahren Sinne der Worte.

Theory from maths applied for topology of snow is trivial, simple, understandable, iff you know the background. Same applies to and is more or less analog to texts, poems, etc.: countless combinations are possible with such a small alphabet! Even simpler: komplete paths of games of chess, so more than just all possible corresponding positions, are more than 10 exp 110! The universe is currently at 10 exp 26, so "ridiculous" against exp 110!

Take topology: with ridiculous 18 points there are approximately 10 exp 32 real, i.e. "exact", topologies, such like "innumerable"!!! So, with 18 stations, how many combinations of different paths are possible? Answer: over 10 exp 32!!! Immeasurable, unthinkable, unpredictable, ... in finite time!

Take nature: with the few "building blocks" that build a DNA or something, called nucleotides, where each nucleotide bases on 4 nucleobases, only(!!!), and this is enough for all plants, animals, so all living beings as well as we are constructed with so little "LEGOS" but in fantastic many possible "allowed" viable combinations. No tree is the same as another, no human being "in total" like the other, so despite similarities ... Insanely many species: animals, plants, humans, so all "living things", whatever one may define as such ...

Now to "music": of course there are fewer notes than letters or writing symbols; but that is not a deficit! For "almost unlimited" harmonic combinations it is long enough, see Ramon Llull [Raimundus Lullus], really clearly taken up by Leibniz, 0 and 1 or two (!!!!!) suffice different [discrete] symbols, clearly, in sufficient length, quasi innumerable creations to create!!! Yes, yes, very little building blocks has the universe, nature has, so we and therefore even more the "modest" creativity that we humans have and will have. Nevertheless, in total very much, certainly "innumerable" but definitely not infinite!

To chess: Go has more possible allowed situations respectively paths of playing possibilities than chess!!! Seems paradoxical, but it is not, iff you know the combinatorics behind playing variants of Go. The "allowed", i.e. real playable, variants even exceed that of chess by several orders of magnitude, although the basic rules (there are only four) are so simple and very much less than those for chess. But the field is much bigger (19x19 in comparison to 8x8) ... So similar to notes vs. letters: all just a matter of length!

To change bells: is as at handbell-choirs, chimes, etc. ... , only just smaller. Yes, all possibilities ... Well the guitar: (only 6 strings) ... dito ... 2 would be enough ...; o))

Oh, our favorite topic at the moment: snow topology. Yes, just as it is with the snow crystals, never 2 are the same, so it seems infinitely many ... it's not, but more than o.a. Go games, so much more than chess games, more than "life form variants" and if you take a tiny millimetre per possible flake, still significantly larger than our universe in the expansion!!! Ridiculous? Nope! Paradox? Not even, iff you know and understand the combinatorics behind ...

picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM
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